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Common Google AdWords Mistakes

Google AdWords campaign management

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5 Google AdWords Mistakes That Are Killing Your Success

Although Google AdWords represents an enormous new marketing opportunity, there are several pitfalls and frequent mistakes that nearly always occur when the service gets used. These can severely limit the success that AdWords brings you – don’t despair, though. We’ll go over some of the most common of these mistakes in Google AdWords campaign management, and you can fill out a form to determine whether or not your AdWords campaign is optimized for your business. If it’s not, LocalClicks Pro can help.

Mistake 1 – Incorrect Keyword Grouping

For a given ad campaign, you will have the opportunity to develop multiple ad groups. This allows you to partition your campaign into multiple sets so that only related keywords are being grouped together and unrelated keywords aren’t all showing the same ad. Not grouping keywords, or grouping them poorly, is one of the most common AdWords mistakes.

Mistake 2 – Neglecting Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are keywords that you can exclude from your campaign entirely so that these terms never result in your ad being shown. Using these correctly can be tricky, but when done right, they will save you money and time.

Mistake 3 – Not Testing Optimal Ad Position

Ad position is the order in which your ad is shown after a Google search keyword hit. It may seem counter-intuitive, but being first is not always best. You can test the optimal ad positioning to see what generates the most traffic or other ideal results.

Mistake 4 – Misunderstanding Your Competition

Not knowing what ads your competitors are running leaves you completely in the dark. Knowing your competition means knowing what your customers are clicking on, and that means improving your ads to generate the best results for your company or business.

Mistake 5 – Out of State Search Queries

Every state has a set of queries that are more commonly searched than others. Depending on where your keywords are being searched, your ads will have more or less success. Not making sure you are targeting these locations correctly is a common mistake that could be hindering your AdWords campaign without you even knowing it.

These are just a few of the more common mistakes often made in a new AdWords campaign. Fill out the LocalClicks Pro form to determine which of these – and others – your campaign might be suffering from. It won’t take long, and it could make the difference between a failed ad campaign and a successful one.

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