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If you haven’t already taken your general dentistry practice online, you’re missing out on an enormous clientele base and tremendous potential for growth. If you have, great – that’s the first step! Either way, online marketing has drastically changed the advertising landscape in the last few years, and the dentistry field is no exception. Google searches are now the most common way (by a landslide) for a person to find a dentist when they need one.

Things haven’t necessarily gotten easier, though. There are seemingly limitless tools at your disposal for online advertising. Each of them has a different platform and a different interface making different promises for your success. That’s why LocalClicks Pro exists: to make things simpler. We’ve mastered the best of these platforms and are offering them all to you as a way to extend your reach and put more people in your dentist’s chair.

Google AdWords

Ever seen an ad as the first result when you make a Google search? That means someone’s using the keywords from your search for a Google AdWords campaign – and you could get your ad there, too. Let’s say, and for instance, you run your dentistry practice out of the Center City neighborhood in Philadelphia. We can build an ad campaign for you so that whenever anyone searches “center city dentist,” “root canal center city Philadelphia” or even “dentists in Pennsylvania,” the top result is an ad for your practice!

Facebook Advertising

Facebook-targeted ads have revolutionized the industry. These allow you to deliver your advertisements only to certain demographics or groups precisely. The targeting can be based on things as diverse as location, interests, Facebook page likes, or occupation. This means you don’t have to waste any time or money advertising to anyone you don’t want to. Whoever you like – only people who live near your practice, only people who have liked your Facebook page, or only those who have visited a dentist’s office before – will be targeted.

These tools, combined with the power of remarketing, which is the ability to advertise and reach out to customers who have responded to your advertising before, make for an incredibly valuable tool for any general dentistry practice. LocalClicks Pro offers these tools and more to ensure your business is as successful as it can be.

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