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Display Advertising is a proven technique to enhance traffic to a webpage and is one of the most significant elements of a successful marketing campaign. Have you ever noticed banners of other brands while browsing through a website? Has a recently visited website caught your attention while you were on a different webpage? These are all examples of display advertising!

LocalClicks Pro offers Display Advertising solutions that help clients to reach their potential customers at the most crucial moments in the decision making process. Our experts can help you learn the art of influencing customers at various touch points throughout the purchase journey. From broad branding initiatives to direct response campaigns, LocalClicks Pro uses a number of effective techniques like retargeting and banner ads to cover the diverse categories of clients.

display advertising

Our Display Advertising Services include

Comprehensive research using both intrinsic and extrinsic factors is conducted with respect to the client’s online marketing campaign.

The creative formats are now prepared for distribution based on the industry vertical, the demographics of the target market and the behavioural patterns of existing and old customers.

A detailed project plan is drawn based on research results. The plan is inclusive of the display advertising strategy, the rationale behind the decision and the associated costs.

Through every step of the campaign, lessons are learnt and applied. Continuous optimization of the display advertising strategy will result in the highest benefits for the client.

Creative formats of advertising content like videos, banners, overlays and buttons are designed with 100% adherence to the brand guidelines. All creative content generated are unique and outstanding in quality.

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