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Online marketing may begin with data collection, but analytics play a major role in making this data valuable to your promotional pursuits. Google Analytics setup services of LocalClicks Pro are designed to offer you insights for the future by scaling this data and using it effectively. We offer you a wide gamut of services, including analytics audit, implementation, management, and review.

Why Do You Need Google Analytics Setup?

It is imperative to understand and read the behavioral pattern of your visitors. It necessitates the need for a well-configured setup to save you from flawed data metrics leading to incorrect decisions. Lack of a proper setup may result in erroneous figures related to your website traffic and KPI. It hampers audience segmentation and subsequent sales.

Why Prefer LocalClicks Pro for Google Analytics Set Up?

We ensure flawless setup and configuration of your Google Analytics account with our expertise. Our dedicated team offers a reliable installation process that can be customized to suit your business requirements. At the same time, we also help to locate and pinpoint the analytical errors made in your data and help to alleviate these flaws using our time-tested techniques.

Inclusions in Our Google Analytics Packages:

We offer the following features with Google Analytics configuration and installation for your online business:

Dashboard creation
Analytics Consultation
Google Analytics Implementation
Automated reporting systems
Qualified support staff
Transfer of Analytics code to your team

To ensure precise and speedy results with our Google Analytics setup services, we focus mainly on these features, viz.

Google Analytics Audit:

It helps to ascertain the flaws in data collection or any other issue hampering the functioning of Analytics.

Ongoing Management:

We provide insightful instructions to your developer team for making effective changes in your website codes.

Implementation of Google Analytics Account:

We help to define visitor segments, build traffic funnels, and configure e-commerce as well as social media tracking for effective setup.

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