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Your potential clientele spends a huge portion of their time on social media platforms. Undoubtedly, these platforms have emerged as the most viable advertising destinations for online marketers. So, why not use them to reach your targeted audiences even before they start searching your product?

Social media advertising tools are getting exhaustive and competitive. We understand that it is intimidating to make a start as such. Hence, we provide a wide gamut of services to enrich your ad campaigns on these leading platforms and connect your brand to the prospective buyers.

1. Why You Need Social Advertising?

Here, you need to understand some simple stats. On an average, a person spends more than six hours daily to browse the internet for various reasons. Most of this time is spent on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This has expanded the market for social media advertising tremendously to reach over USD 8.4 billion in the last decade.

2. Why Choose LocalClicks Pro for Social Media advertising?

At LocalClicks Pro, we believe in using data-intensive social websites to promote the business of our clients.

• We create engaging content for advertisements including an award-winning content and rich images.
• Locate the target audience by using various techniques.
• Optimize these ads with an insightful data analysis related to our services.

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Facebook Advertising:
It is unpretentiously the most popular social platform used for social media advertising by over 92% online marketers. It has a massive database of users and numerous tools to reach these users. We help to leverage upon this database and decrease the cost of advertisement substantially.

Twitter Advertising:
You can reach to over 316 million active Twitterati using our social media advertising practices. We base our campaigns on an extensive keyword search and creation of a business account to take users to your brand profile after clicking.

LinkedIn Advertising:
It is the most effective platform for B2B marketing. We help you to target a wider audience by using LinkedIn advertising. It draws traffic to your page or website through sponsored content or an ad on the news feed.

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