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website & search retargeting Website and search retargeting are based on the user behavior in terms of keyword related searches. It helps online marketers to find the users showing a keen interest in the keywords relevant to your business. After identification, display ads are served to such users on every website that they visit in their internet browsing sessions. It synchronizes display advertising with search engine marketing practices that ultimately result in enhanced brand exposure and recognition.

How Search Retargeting Works?
It is a highly effective digital marketing practice. It helps you to identify your potential clientele and show them your ads after they have undertaken some specific keyword-based searches. However, it is somewhat different from retargeting. While retargeting is intended to reach the users who have previously visited your website, search retargeting is meant to target those who searched for a long tail keyword relevant to your business.

This strategy works to accelerate the success of your search engine marketing techniques by syncing them with your display advertising. In other words, it matches the search intent with repeated exposure of your brand to the searchers and keeping you on the top in this competitive sphere.

You can understand it in simple terms with this example. Supposedly, a tour operator company has launched its SEM strategy but is not getting the desired traffic. It, then, analyzes the performance of this campaign and determines some top-performing keywords and phrases. Now, their entire marketing plan can be devised around these selected keywords. Only those users, who have formerly searched any of the keywords from this list, will be shown the company’s display advertisement. Even after the user leaves the search engine, this ad will be shown on every website they visit.

Is Search Retargeting effective?
Absolutely! It helps you to reach the right audience at the right time using the right set of keywords. Unlike other retargeting strategies, it keeps your brand in the eyes of users throughout their browsing time. It increases your brand visibility all over the web instead of being restricted to a search engine. With better precision, it also offers comprehensive and cost-effective marketing solutions to the digital marketers.

Why Prefer LocalClicks Pro for Websites & Search Retargeting?
The success of your search retargeting campaign relies on the expertise of online marketers in finding a broad list of potential keywords, using proper branding in the ads, inducing a call to action from users, and analyzing the success with conversion tracking mechanisms. At LocalClicks Pro, we offer all these features along with optimization and transparency of operations. Also, we possess the years of experience and a successful track record to prove our mettle.

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