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Moving Company Advertising

Traditional moving company advertising is no longer enough. Your trucks can only be on the road so often, and quite often, those who are looking to hire movers and looking to do so from out of town. Reaching these people in today’s era of the internet and social networking means you absolutely must have an online presence. Your website should be your number one tool for generating new clientele, and at LocalClicks Pro, we’ve developed the best techniques for doing this. If you haven’t taken your moving company online, then you’re missing out on huge opportunities.

Using both proven and cutting-edge techniques in online marketing, LocalClicks Pro can significantly increase your customer base and reach new people looking for moving companies that would otherwise never have found your business. We do this by using a combination of online advertising tools and strategies to find not only a larger base of customers but a specifically optimized base who is most likely to utilize the services your moving company offers.

Google AdWords

No one is looking your company up on the White Pages anymore. Everyone uses Google searches in everyday life for tasks ranging from getting directions to finding a nearby coffee shop to looking for the best-rated moving company to assist with their move. Searches for things like “moving companies in this city,” or “top-rated moving companies,” or “professional movers prices,” or even more specific searches involving combinations of these things can result in advertisements for your company being the first result. This means that the first thing someone sees after a Google search related to your company or your location is your company’s website.

Facebook Targeting

It’s not just keywords in Google searches that we can use to deliver advertisements for your moving company. Facebook’s Ad Management tools have extremely powerful targeting algorithms that allow us to specifically deliver your ad directly to people who have expressed interest in hiring a mover. This could be people who are new to a particular location, people who have liked your or other movers’ Facebook pages, people who have made posts indicating that they will soon be moving, or any number of other demographic combinations. Whatever the right combination for your business is, we’re confident at LocalClicks Pro that we can find it.

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