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Being an orthodontist has never been a busier profession. With falling prices and rising awareness of the benefits, more and more people are putting themselves in the orthodontist’s chair for both cosmetic and health reasons. That means there’s a wider audience than ever before to reach through advertising – and online marketing with LocalClicks Pro is the perfect solution for doing just that. Traditional advertising methods are no longer enough.

We can expand your customer base and find people in need of an orthodontist who otherwise may never have found your practice. Using tools like Google AdWords, we can turn a simple Google search for “local orthodontist” into traffic to your website. With Facebook-targeted advertising, we can also reach out to people who have specifically shown an interest in orthodontic care through their online activities. And with remarketing, we can ensure that one-time customers or interested parties become loyal clients who never need to find another orthodontist.

Why Online Marketing?

Shopping and retail aren’t the only industries transitioning to an online marketplace. Nearly all goods and services are now either sold or marketed on the internet in one way or another. If your orthodontic practice has a website, that’s all you need – you should then absolutely be advertising online if you want to reach the greatest number of people who need your expertise. Google searches, social media activity, and online presence is the number one areas for growth in both the present and future of commerce in any industry.

Why LocalClicks Pro?

At LocalClicks Pro, we’re all about simplifying the process to make sure the most people are seeing your business in the shortest amount of time. We’ve mastered the tools needed to be successful in the online marketing world, and it’s been no easy feat. Trying to run a business as time-consuming as an orthodontist’s, as well as running a full digital advertisement campaign, would be a stretch for even the most avid of workaholics. The return on investment you get by hiring us should speak for itself – and then all you have to focus on is all of your new patients.

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